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The Sunshine Band comprised of husband and wife, Carol and Ken Schryver have been performing as a duo for 40 years.
     Originally from Long Island, N.Y., the band has played in such well known venues as The Waldorf-Astoria, The Plaza, The New York Hilton, and many resorts on Long Islands East End and in the Catskill Mountains.
     Carol plays keyboards (bass with left hand, organ, piano, and synthesizer with the right) and Ken plays a 12 or 6 string guitar.
     A rhythm machine controlled by foot pedals Ken employs is used for a dancing back beat.  Both Ken and Carol sing leads and harmonies.
      At no time does the band utilize any pre-recorded musical or vocal background tracks.
     The repertoire of over 2000 songs includes almost every type of music.
Areas of specialization include:
     > Oldies
     > Rock
     > Country
     > Tiki Bar Tunes
     > Irish/Celtic Tunes
     > German (Oktoberfest)
     > Swing and songs from  the 20's and up

     Before moving to Key Largo in 1994 the Band primarily performed for weddings where playing something for everyone was required.
     The band has written and recorded numerous songs and has released 6 albums.
     The band has performed for (and with) numerous celebrities including Harry Chapin, Jimmy Dean, James Coburn and Mick Jagger who remarked the music was "very nice" and the band "very good."
     A retired hospital administrator, Ken keeps busy as a  Aqua Fit instructor, charter fishing Captain and occasionally as a Realtor in addition to performing.
     Carol spent most of her 70's - 90's raising their two daughters, Kerrie and Kimberly.

To determine if the band is available for your upcoming event please call:
(home) 305-852-8442 or (cell) 305-942-8005 
email musicbysunshine@comcast.net or musicbysunshine@gmail.com


Island Grill at Mandalay

12:30 - 3:30


Smuggler's Cove

6:00 - 9:00


March 11

Caribbean Club

St. Patricks Day Party


March 15

Coral Isles Church Service

6:00 - 7:00


March 17

Royal Palm Country Club

6:00 - 9:00